Product and service quality systems are of main importance for Comet.

The UNI EN ISO 9001 certificated company works to guarantee its customers the utmost satisfaction, using selected suppliers, ensuring full compliance with the toughest safety and environmental standards, constant updating training of personnel and the achievement of the highest quality levels.

The UNI EN ISO 14000, environmental management certificate, obtained in 2002, is for Comet an important recognition that marks the era of the "Clean Factory", in which the production stages take count to the protection of the environment at first. COMET products have a further value-added feature: the OEKO TEX 100 certificate, which guarantees that the textile products contain no harmful substances known to man.

Springing from the need to guarantee and protect customers' health and safety, in 2001 Comet obtained the GOST R product quality certificate, which is indispensable when trading with Russia.

The company is fully committed to continual research into global "wellbeing" in its production and market logics, thanks to the deep-rooted concern for the environment by its management.

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Designed in Italy

Strictly designed in Italy: this rewarding choice has contributed to the company's success together with step-by-step production controls, from its design to packaging.

This has always been Comet's policy to offer the best choice of Italian fashion products. Now manufactured in India under strict quality standards, all products are renowned for its high end quality fashions and styles. The company is fully committed to continual research into global "wellbeing" in its production and market logics, thanks to the deep-rooted concern for the environment by its management.

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The factory system is equipped with high technological machines and automated storage systems ensuring that different production cycles have reliability and precision time keeping supplying on demand.

Thanks to investments in our operating systems for the ever changing markets and constant research in our products, the company has a high advanced business knowledge able to be competitive in the different world market places. A gradual process of innovation ensures constantly keen quality standards in order to fully meet market and consumer requirements; these are the guidelines that make Comet a leading lingerie brand on a daily basis.

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Deep attention is focused to how fashions are ever changing, trying to achieve the right balance between trends and classical products, with an innovative design and selection of up-to-the-minute materials.

Comet is dedicating constant research to style and raw materials for its new models.

Great flexibility and ability in interpreting changes in habits as well as the demands of the market place constantly seeking new models, these are the keystones on which Comet has built up its success to become one of the leading lingerie brands.

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Comet's growth has cultivated its ability to combine the typical Made-in-Italy craftsmanship with the most refined and technologically advanced production processes, keeping the best Italian artisan traditions.

Even today each article is assembled by hand, with infinite care to the trimmings and particular details so that every item is unique in style and quality.

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Raw materials are carefully chosen assessing the features of the product-to-be and favouring criteria of quality, easy care and long life.

Laces, fabrics, shoulder straps, padding and every accessories that make up the products are carefully selected to guarantee a quality standard, that ensures comfort and fitting that customers find in every Comet product.

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